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Privately Held

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Energy Management
Facility Management

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Commercial Buildings

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Minneapolis, MN
February 01, 2001

Minneapolis, MN
Portland, OR

Area Served
North America

Corporate Officers

Patrick O'Neill
Founder, CEO

Terrence McManus
Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Bursch
Chief Technical Officer

Jim Helsdingen
Chief Financial Officer

Introducing NorthWrite
NorthWrite - The WorkSite Company is a leading energy information management company (EIMS) specializing in the delivery of energy and facility solutions via a collaborative online platform called the WorkSite.   NorthWrite's mission is to help facility managers and building owners control their operational, energy and facility management costs by providing easy to use software applications and complimentary technical, operational and financial services.

Technology Leadership

From the very beginning NorthWrite has lived with our corporate philosophy of "how simple can you get".  We take complex processes and create easy to use software applications delivered through the Internet.

NorthWrite delivers its software and service using a web-based platform called the WorkSite.  Consider the WorkSite your one-window access to software applications, information, knowledge, and services to insure that your facility runs efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.  NorthWrite's determination and passion for new technologies allows us to bring you the building industry's most advanced energy and facility solutions. 

When you start to use technology as powerful as the WorkSite you will quickly see the strategic advantage your organization will have.  Simplicity is the key.  With our vision to create and deliver fully integrated software applications you will have all the technology at your fingertips to get the job done quickly, leaving you time to focus on your core business.  

We see our role as that of a crucial partner in the development plans of our clients. NorthWrite has developed a comprehensive set of services to support customers at each stage of their project roadmap.  Such services include detailed technical reviews at evaluation stage, customer enterprise pricing at the procurement stage, specialized consulting and training services at the deployment stage, and ongoing support services.

Industry Acclaim

NorthWrite products and services have been recognized year after year with a number of key industry awards. 

In 2008, NorthWrite and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) received the Federal Laboratory Consortium 2008 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer.  This coveted award recognizes outstanding achievement in transferring federally developed technology to the marketplace.  A panel of experts from industry, state and local government, academia, and the Federal Laboratories judge the nominations.

In 2004, NorthWrite was awarded the Chief's Merit Award by the City of Minneapolis.  The award recognized the city-wide deployment of the WorkSite platform to police, fire, homeland security, and building owners to improve communications and collaboration.  Other cities across the USA have leveraged the platform with NorthWrite solutions in place in over 20 major metropolitan areas.

Bragging Rights

  • Customers in every state and province.

  • Nationally recognized leader in monitoring, diagnostics, and energy information management systems (EIMS)

  • Consistently included and highlighted in EIMS vendor assessment studies.

  • Invited to participate in nationwide EIMS standard development efforts.

  • Chosen to provide EIMS for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) National HQ.

  • Award winning DOE Technology provider.

  • Expertise in developing and deploying hardware solutions for meter data acquisition, wireless sensor area networks, and cellular enterprise area networks.

  • NorthWrite's network operations center (NOC) is a proven technology solution for automated command and control functionality required for the next generation of demand response and smart grid systems.

  • Fourth generation fault tolerant scalable energy information management system platform capable of supporting 100's of thousands of users and locations.

  • Selected by White House National Science and Technology Council to present to gathering of 50 Federal agencies on the state-of-the-art in building energy information management systems. 

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