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Energy Analytics are a crucial aspect of any data-driven energy management plan. Automated energy analytics determine discrepancies between baseline and actual energy data, as well as benchmark and compare previous performance to current usage.

Facility Managers are demanding more control over their own energy consumption. Companies need insights into performance and usage across their portfolios to make more effective decisions.  Our customers are asking:

  • How can I better manage the huge influx of data from building management systems and smart meters?
  • Can you help me more effectively use past history of weather, loads and environmental factors to understand and manage my demand?

  • What can I best empower my tenants to lower their energy consumption?

  • Can you help me manage my energy budget—and find ways to lower my costs?

With NorthWrite Energy Analytics, you can integrate and analyze data to gain insight into performance, impact of retrofits, and other key aspects of your facility.
  • With Energy Analytics, you get near real-time, detailed information about your energy usage.   

  • With Energy Analytics, you have a powerful aid in helping your organization meet its greenhouse gas emissions goals.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Analytics help you determine if your Building Management System (BMS) is operating efficiently.
  • Energy Analytics lets you investigate areas for improvement and evaluate energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Energy Analytics unlocks savings opportunities and enables you to understand your energy usage and operating requirements in a much more comprehensive manner.

  • Energy Analytics starts you down the path towards continuous energy efficiency improvement!


Multiple Submeters with Aggregation

Three locations kW versus ambient temperature
Stacked comparison of multiple sites
Multiple submeter
Multiple Meters Load Duration comparison
High and Low Limit alerts for Notification
Hourly data for one month
Daily data for twelve months
Designed for Building Owners, Energy Managers, Energy Consultants, Facility Managers, and Energy Efficiency Program Managers.   Those who are invested in bringing about positive change to a building’s operations for real, quantitative, reportable savings.


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