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Energy Expert incorporates a modeling algorithm developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy that uses energy interval data and weather data to generate reliable feedback about how a building is performing in terms of energy use. 

More specifically, the methodology used in Energy Expert is bin-based, where the bin is a set of values of a dependent variable (energy interval data) with which the value of another independent variable (outdoor air temperature) is associated.  To explain variations in energy use, two or more descriptive variables such as day of the week, hour of the day and outdoor air temperature are used.  The model is “trained” by collecting data and assigning it to bins.  The median of the values of the dependent variable (energy interval data) in the bin serves as a good representative value for both large and small numbers of samples per bin. This median value is the “expected” or “modeled” energy value.

Energy Expert is an award winning technology for modeling and predicting energy consumption in buildings.

This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software application trains itself to create a "smart model" of your building and compares daily energy consumption against this norm.  The Energy Expert will tell you whether your facility over-consumed, under-consumed or used about the right amount of energy through a convenient email notification.

Listen to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Podcast talking about Energy Expert.


Energy Expert helps cut energy costs through improved operational efficiency in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, government-owned buildings with the list still growing.

Energy Expert delivers simple, easy to interpret results on a daily basis to allow concise and immediate detection of issues and encourage “energy consumption watchfulness” to support your energy initiatives. 

Features and Benefits

  • Daily Scorecards to show energy use, costs savings, load profiles and potential peak demand days.

  • Powered by a building modeling algorithm developed in cooperation with  the U.S. Department of Energy incorporating both interval energy data and weather data to calculate and provide reliable feedback about how your building is performing.

  • Notifies designated recipients when consumption or demand levels exceed pre-determined thresholds for immediate detection of operational issues.

  • Displays analytical data using simple graphical interface for easy identification of abnormalities or areas for operational improvements.

  • Uses weather data, time of day, day of week to predict your energy use.

  • Great tool for measuring and verifying impact of energy initiatives.

  • Included in your WorkSite portal for on demand access to data, information, and results.

  • Energy Expert reports tell you if you are saving or wasting money on energy.

  • Set and hit energy and carbon emission reduction targets.

  • Track your carbon footprint and LEED-EB credits.

  • Developed/Tested by the Department of Energy.

Additional Information

Month View
Daily View
Monthly view
Single Site
Actual / Expected Load Profile Load Profile Comparison Daily Saving Variation Report Enterprise Dashboard Portfolio View

Executive Statement

Many companies are currently using Energy Expert to track the implementation of broader energy savings programs. In these cases, it is used to ensure that the companies are realizing savings, provide accurate estimates of those savings, and ensure their persistence.

In other cases, customers use Energy Expert to monitor their ongoing building operations and “flag” unusual changes in energy use. This enables building operators to quickly respond to these changes to minimize their long-term impacts.

Electric utilities are implementing the Energy Expert for overall tracking of commissioning and continuous improvement programs.

A building owner who uses the Energy Expert and is
committed to implementing appropriate low-cost/no-cost operational changes to their building and can expect
to reduce electric consumption by as much as 10-20%.


Designed for Building Owners, Energy Managers, Energy Consultants, Facility Managers, and Energy Efficiency Program Managers.   Those who are invested in bringing about positive change to a building’s operations for real, quantitative, reportable savings.


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