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Energy Kiosk is flat panel monitor with at-a-glance energy information in auto-run format.  Views include energy usage, savings, and alerts.

  • NorthWrite provides a complete turnkey visualization solution for facility managers dealing with large amounts of critical data, corporate energy awareness program, and education program for K-12.

  • Turnkey solution includes a flat panel display, network hardware for a secure web connection, and the software necessary to get you up and running quickly.

  • Energy Kiosk has been used in large facilities where keeping an eye on critical energy usage information is best served by having a standard set of data, charts, and graphs be on display in real time. 

  • Energy Kiosk has tremendous application to the schools market where it can be used as a learning tool to advance student understanding of how energy is being used in real time.

Features and Benefits
  • Great visualizations are efficient -- they let people look at vast quantities of data quickly.

  • Visualizations can help energy managers or energy teams achieve more insight into the nature of a problem and discover new understanding.

  • A great visualization can help create a shared view of a situation and align people on needed actions.

Energy Kiosk in the news

GAO 200x

Executive Summary
One of the top goals of corporate energy directors this year is to make sense of the terabytes of data swirling in and around their companies and then use that data to make better decisions. Key to that is data visualization technology, which tells a more powerful story than raw data alone.  With Energy Kiosk, energy management teams can take advantage of great at-a-glance visualizations so that their organizations will not waste an inordinate amount of time sifting through the river of bits, and not get the effective insights they need. Perhaps most important, people will no longer be looking at their own part of the puzzle, instead they will be part of a shared understanding that allows teams to take the right action in a tight time frame.  
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