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NorthWrite MBCx (Monitoring-based Commissioning) is an outsourced energy information management service that has proven to save up to 20% energy in commercial office buildings.  

Using NorthWrite MBCx, an energy information management service designed to attack energy waste in commercial buildings, energy savings of up to 10 to 20% are documented with no capital investment.  The program includes elements such as short-term and long-term monitoring (Onset Computer - HOBO U30), an energy dashboard to view your energy information, a virtual energy analyst to lead the analysis and provide clear direction to subcontractors or onsite facilities staff, and a dedicated program manager for reporting and to keep everything on track


1.     Data collection

Building performance is characterized using techniques such as the analysis of monthly utility bill history, an online audit of the equipment and operations, monitoring of the 15-minute interval data from energy meters, and real-time monitoring of key environmental parameters.  This data provides insight into the gap between the operational requirements of the building and how it was actually being used.  This gap represents opportunity.


2.     Automated analysis

A suite of web-based software tools automates the analysis of the data collected.  The Energy Expert application establishes a detailed, calibrated baseline of performance for the building and tracks ongoing performance.  The Building SnapShot application details the gap between the desired and actual building performance.  Online task tracking documents recommendations and ensures that the proper actions are completed.  Finally, to minimize the impact on the building staff time, a team of skilled energy analysts leverages web-based technology to remotely access information and communicate with onsite operations personnel or subcontractors.


3.     Recommendations and actions

Armed with real-time data from the building and software to automate the analysis and reporting, our energy analysts are able to identify specific actions to reduce energy waste in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional energy audits.  With a focus on no- and low-cost measures, we determine what needs to be done to address the savings opportunities.  The analyst inputs the recommended savings measures into the online task management system to track progress and drive implementation.


4.     Continuous improvement

Following the initial data collection and analysis, we continue to track implementation efforts, collect utility bills and monitor the real-time energy consumption of the building.  This provides the energy analyst with further insight into expected versus actual building performance.  We continue to interact with building operations personnel using the software tools to document ongoing savings delivered, ensure persistence of those savings and provide a systematic method to achieve continuous improvement.  




Webinar Topic sponsored by Onset Computer:

An Innovative Approach to Low Cost Monitoring Based Commissioning

Patrick J. O'Neill, Ph.D., a highly acclaimed expert in the field of mechanical and industrial engineering and CEO and co-founder of NorthWrite, Inc., discusses an innovative, low-cost approach to Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx) that helps identify, implement, and track cost-effective energy savings measures in small and mid-sized commercial buildings. The following topics are covered:

  • The MBCx process and associated benefits
  • Getting 80-90% of the benefit of MBCx for 20% of the cost
  • Establishing energy baselines
  • Using web-based monitoring hardware to track building performance
  • Common low-cost/no-cost energy savings opportunities
  • Ensuring persistence of energy saving
MBCx Service Overview
Onset HOBO U30 Datasheet
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