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Utility Bill Manager.  If you operate multiple facilities you know that getting a grip on your electric, gas, and water costs can be challenging. The NorthWrite Utility Bill Manager provides software tools and expertise to ensure that you know your benchmarks for utility performance and where opportunities for savings exist.  
Quickly identify sites that are not executing energy savings tasks that can result in poor energy saving performance. Create energy program momentum by sharing data throughout the organization; bringing accountability for everyone with demand management reporting.
Features and Benefits
  • Timely online access to utility information via WorkSite.
  • Eliminate manual input of utility bill data.

  • Uncover trends by benchmarking facilities for cost and usage.

  • Save time with seamless integration to Energy STAR reporting.

  • Identify unusual high and low energy usage in your facilities.

  • Trend energy usage across multiple facilities for a specific time period.

  • Aggregate facilities for easy visual comparison.

  • Get ahead of the curve by forecasting your energy costs before month end.

  • Understand the impact of energy savings initiatives and load reduction strategies.

  • Having historical data available on demand is important.  We automate the process of archiving your data and make it easy to search by billing period or calendar month.

  • Converting your energy information into actionable tasks is the key to energy savings. You can leverage the power of your Energy WorkSite to project energy cost savings, view actual savings versus the projected budget, and show completed and uncompleted action. Energy WorkSite completes the circle of accountability and documented savings to your program.

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Executive Summary

Getting a handle on your current energy costs is the starting point for any energy savings program. 

We recommend starting with your utility bills.  They hold the secret to your current energy usage (baseline) and will be an ongoing reference point as you move toward an efficient facility. 

NorthWrite uses historic utility bill data for our Energy STAR solutions.  Since we spend the time collecting the data we also provide services to collect utility data, enter it into a database, giving you comprehensive graphics and charts that will show you the trends and data that will inform your decisions, and finally we can arrange for automated payment of your bills which provides an immediate payback by greatly reducing an organization's utility invoice transaction processing costs.
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