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Comparison Energy Expert Modeling vs. Linear Regression Analysis
NorthWrite Energy Modeling introduction.  This paper describes NorthWrite’s approaches to energy modeling, including but not limited to linear regression.
Energy Expert Modeling Techniques
O&M-based energy savings initiatives are gaining more momentum in the marketplace in large part because of the relative ease in implementing them and the commensurately lower cost.
LBNL: Energy Information Management System Survey

Preliminary Findings from an Analysis of Building Energy Information System
Technologies.   NorthWrite Energy WorkSite featured with data and screenshots. Presented at 2009 National Conference on Building Commissioning.  Prepared by Environmental Energy Technologies Division of LBNL.
Energy Expert - A bin-based method for baseline performance
This paper is based on the work of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory which is operated by Battelle Memorial Institute for the U.S. Department of Energy.  The method is based on the concept of data bins borrowed from the field of
building energy data analysis.
Wireless Sensor Applications for Building Operation and Management
An introduction to wireless sensing technology, its potential applications in buildings, three practical examples of tests in real buildings, estimates of impacts on energy consumption, discussions of costs and practical issues in implementation, and some ideas on applications likely in the near future.
Department of Energy - Continuous Commissioning Guidebook
This guidebook presents a comprehensive ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify retrofits for exist
-ing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities.
Guidance for Electric Metering in Federal Buildings
The Department of Energy developed these guidelines after meeting with representatives from the metering industry, the utility industry, energy advocacy organizations, national laboratories, and universities.
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