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NorthWrite leverages the power and reliability of the Onset data logging system for capturing energy data in real time.   Wireless, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi models available. 
The Hobo U30 provides a cost-effective way to monitor electric, gas, hot-water, steam, etc. energy data and transmit the information in near real-time to NorthWrite's Network Operation Center (NOC).  Here you are able to access this data using our sophisticated energy tracking, analysis, and management software Energy WorkSite. 

NorthWrite's smart monitoring solutions are deployed in thousands of facilities across North America, linking our customers with the information they need to make decisions crucial for improving their business and operations.

The HOBO U30 is the next-generation data logging system for environmental and energy performance monitoring.

Features and Benefits

  • Industrial grade dependability.

  • Weather proof enclosure.   NEMA 6 rated tamperproof enclosure.

  • Multiple power options (Solar or AC).

  • Individual weather tight gaskets for each sensor. Gore Vent allows the U30 to breathe without moisture forming inside the box.

  • Secondary weatherproof enclosure for electronics.

  • Optional factory installed analog module to connect 3rd party sensors.   Plug-and-play Smart Sensor Technology.

  • Range of remote communications options including Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

  • Web access to real time data via your Energy WorkSite.

  • Versatility for a broad range of indoor and outdoor monitoring applications.

  • The HOBO U30 is configurable over the air.  Settings such as sampling intervals, alarm levels, and notifications are all made using your Energy WorkSite and transmitted to the device.

U30 Datasheet
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Executive Statement

For many years NorthWrite manufactured our own monitoring hardware. This allowed us to prove that the right combination of hardware and software would bring about positive energy savings for our customers.  

Recently, we standardized and transitioned over to the Onset HOBO U30 as our preferred energy data collection device.  Onset Computer Corporation has been producing world-class monitoring hardware for over 30 years. The HOBO U30 data logger products monitor and relay electric, gas, hot-water, steam, etc. energy use information to our network operations center.

Known for providing reliable, accurate data under tough environmental conditions, the HOBO U30 can be rapidly deployed to help you measure and manage your building energy performance.



Designed for Building Owners, Energy Managers, Energy Consultants, Facility Managers, and Energy Efficiency Program Managers.   Those who are invested in bringing about positive change to a building’s operations for real, quantitative, reportable savings.


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